Madam West is an NYC-based experimental soul-pop band. The group started as a duo in the mildewed recesses of a Bushwick cellar not too different from your own (residential zoning laws aside).

What started as a weekly cover session and recording project blossomed into a folk-soul-pop fusion group that continues to entertain, engage, and sometimes baffle. The group has been favorably reviewed in Stereo/Pirate, UK’s Songwriting Magazine, and featured on CFUV (Canadian college radio), along with various internet radio stations.

The band played its first international show in Montreal in July and continues to book shows in the NYC-metropolitan area.

Madam West is currently comprised of three vocalists, one keyboard player/engineer, one drummer, one guitarist and more electronics than the band has hands.

Despite betraying every single Brooklyn-born band stereotype and its founders’ Brooklyn-born roots, the band now bases operations out of an East Village studio apartment and a rehearsal space in the LES. As of this writing, the group has released two singles, one EP, and is in production for a sophomore release.

For booking and press inquiries, contact madamwestmusic(at)gmail.com

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